Mondomg – Telelogue (song teaser)

My next song is a bit late, just have to find time to enter the studio to record vocals. However, a lot of people asked me about the tone of gear used in it, so here is a rough mix of:

Skervesen Bronto 5 & Raptor 6 with Bare Knuckle Pickups 10th Anniversary

Mondomg – Skervesen Raptor & Swan Generic Song Test

Courtesy of Skervesen Guitars:

Bass guitar recorded by Pajdof:

Recorded using Hesu Cables:

Both guitars fully equipped with Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig:

Recorded and modeled with Fractal Axe-FX II:

Behind the nut strings muting thanks to Gruv Gear FretWraps:

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Last Vein – Demo 2013

A local band I’ve recorded and mixed recently, check them out!

Vicol – Zemsta Kosmosa

Here’s my friend Radek’s newest song, recorded at my place and mixed by me, including the video. Featuring Racuch the Cat!

Skervesen Raptor 7 Metal Test

And here it is, courtesy of Special thanks to for all the reamping goodness!


Skervesen Raptor 7

Just finishing this baby’s demo video, courtesy of Special thanks to for all the reamping goodness!


Music Man JP7 & Skervesen JK BKP Aftermath Test

While I’m working on a new guitar test, here is a comparison of an Aftermath 7 pickups, between an upcoming Polish company and an already established American legend.