Welcome. I don’t want to be no one.

So, finally a blog I really want to keep living. I had this idea since quite a long time but every blog I’d start would end up being closed after a day or two. This one has been alive only for half an hour but I hope it will make it. Or will it?

The thing is I wanted to host a site for my own projects, i.e. music, writing, whatever. However, I lacked the motivation to do something creative as soon as I saw my marvelous piece of design on-line. In fact, some of my site ideas didn’t even make it to the web.

But this time, I can assure you that everything shall be done to keep this blog up and running, as I hate failures. We all do, it seem some sort of natural human feature, to hate failures. I’ve noticed that some of us intentionally set their goals so that they cannot achieve them. All the commercials tend to tell us to do it. Make impossible possible. Bullshit. Then, if we fail, we still don’t know what we’ve done wrong. So what’s the point?

That’s why I stopped to think that one day I’ll have a glorious website that everybody will visit everyday to be amused.

Shit in the paper.

Let me say it loud and clear: It will be my blog. With my stuff. By me. And apparently mostly for me. But trust me, I’ll be happy as hell, if just one person tell me it’s not worthless. Like my mother, or father. Maybe, someday.

Wait. This is my first post and I’ve already forked things up. I’m writing in Englishand my parents are both Polish. Like most of my friends. Damn. But, in the end it doesn’t make any difference, since neither my parents or friends would bother to visit this blog. Or, maybe? Please, do. Just this once.

I don’t want to be no one.

But I could try.


4 Comments on “Welcome. I don’t want to be no one.”

  1. s says:

    belive me, your father was here – it was him who shown me this blo

  2. mondomg says:

    I know, I gave mum the link to this blog so she could listen to some of my stuff. Unfortunately, no comments have ever been received.

  3. triptopine says:

    Hey Man,
    I like your blog. I’m all the way over here in the U.S. You’ve got some cool songs and some sweet guitars. Keep up the good work. Your blog is worthwhile! I enjoy reading it!


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