MEG Guitars EMP ELLA – New pictures!


3 Comments on “MEG Guitars EMP ELLA – New pictures!”

  1. Hi , I’m looking for info about Trella electric guitars . I believe they’re now into the EMP/MEG group in Poland?

    • mondomg says:

      Oh, I don’t think so. MEG Guitars itself exists no more, the same with EMP (it was the same people all the time, though). I’ve never heard of anything like Trella guitars, sorry. But maybe this would help you: MEG and EMP were previously a company called Mensfeld.

  2. Mark says:

    MEG is an anagram for the patented Modular Electric Guitar made in Minnesota. There never was an association with any other manufacturer. MEG’s claim to fame is its ability to change neck modules between solid and acoustic bodies.

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