Just a heads up


Since there actually are some people who frequent this blog, I’d like to explain why there is little, if no at all, activity here.

No music?

Last piece of music I uploaded was in August 2010 and it wasn’t even a recording, just samples. Since then I went from my M-Audio FireWire Solo through MOTU 828 mk3 to Digidesign Eleven Rack.

MOTU was a really good unit and if it wasn’t for the BSODs I would definitely keep it. Unfortunately, having returned it to Thomann I still had to wait for a new unit to arrive so I settled with ordering something else this time.

So I bought an Eleven Rack from my friend at Digipark after a presentation which I attended in January. To my disappointment, the unit I got after a couple of weeks didn’t work at 44,1khz and 88,2khz settings which didn’t bother me much as I work in 96khz but still, I wanted perfectly working gear as everything else was in order.

So I’ve sent it back, waited another couple of weeks and finally went to Warsaw to record some guitars (I’ll come back to it later) and got it back. This time everything was working fine, the customer service was extremely helpful and kind to me and I finally could get back to making some noise.

So… will there be music now?

I have to disappoint you, but there won’t be anything solid in the nearest month or so. I’m currently working on five different projects and although nearly everything is finished, like drums, bass, synths, etc. I still have to record guitars and vocals for most of them. So, in order of importance, there goes the list of what can you expect in the more or less near future:

1. Antiworld

A project which currently takes most of my free time to finish. It will be a demo CD composed of eight tracks in a genre involving djent, progressive rock/metal, ambient, fusion and electro-jazz. I can only hope it will makes sense to anyone else than me.┬áThe theme of the release will be space, cosmos, filosophy and some really stupid stuff, which makes it overly hard for me to find a “sounds like” reference. It looks like you’ll have to wait and hear it for yourself.

2. Sordid Heaven

A really old project of mine, dating back to when I was thirteen or so. Since then I was really into progressive metal bands like Dream Theater and thrash metal ones like Annihilator, so my writing involved the worst elements from both of these styles. Although nowadays I write music in a totally different way, I still find myself playing those riffs or listening to the tabs. Yeah, those times I had to write every single note or I would forget it instantly.

Fortunately, all of those songs were instrumental so it’s only a matter of time of recording guitars and there will be a compilation of six or seven songs for all you progressive thrash metal weirdos to enjoy.

3. Silly Hats Only

A few songs I’d like to record for my parents to show them that I actually do something creative with the guitar instead of bringing it to presentations and taking photos of it. They will be very simple, guitar-oriented tunes, with some jazz and rock in it as I doubt my folks would appreciate nr 1 or 2 mentioned above. BUT, appart from three simple songs there will be a thirteen-minutes long progressive rock suite which I can’t wait to have fun with mixing.

4. Visions Of Tondal

My friend from sevenstring.pl sings in an avant-garde metal band Visions Of Tondal and they are recording a demo. They wanted to include one more piece in it but got stuck in the process of wrting it so I was asked to fill few holes and record a guitar solo (that’s why I went to Warsaw in the first place). It came out pretty well and I can’t wait till the final product is finished. Not only are they sick musicians, but also wonderful people and I had great time with them after the recording.


And the last point in our meeting is… a TOP SECRET PROJECT. I will tell you more when it comes out, but stay tuned ’cause it’s gonna BLOW.

So, when are you gonna release all this stuff? In 2050?

Actually, I have some rough mixes of at least one song from all these projects and I’m going to post them here in a week or two along with some samples of Eleven Rack ampsims and Bare Knuckle pickups, as some people have requested. In addition, I’m mixing a couple of crazy bands right now and if I get their permission I’ll link the results here or maybe set up a site with my mixes for people who may need such services.

So, stay tuned for more stuff from me as I hope to hear something from you as well. Yes, YOU, sweetcake.

Hugs & Kisses,



2 Comments on “Just a heads up”

  1. Tim Birchard says:

    You, my friend, are awesome. You’ve got your hands in several different projects, all of them creative, and you’re just going for it. I applaud you. You’re living with passion, you’re following your dream, and you’re creating things that did not exist before. If it weren’t for you, they would not exist. I salute you, friend. As my Japanese friends say, “Gambatte!” (Go for it!) –Tim

    • mondomg says:

      Hey, Tim, thanks for all the kind words, I guess I’ll need them to get all those things done. I’ve just noticed that you’ve released a new album in March and I’m currently listening to it. So far it’s very good stuff, especially Hitchike To Mars, seems like my cup of tea. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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