RAN Crusher 8

New Guitar Day! Yaaay!


No. of strings:8-string
Scale length:28”
Construction method:Ran AANJ w/NTB style heel and metal inserts/countersunk hex bolts
Body shape:CRUSHER
Body material: carved – American Walnut
Body finish:other – Hand-rubbed Oil
Headstock shape:CRUSHER
Headstock finish:match body finish
Truss rod cover:ovangkol
Neck material:Ovangkol (quartersawn)
Neck shape:Ran R8
Nut width:2 5/32” (55mm), 8-string
Thickness at 1st/12th:20-22mm
Neck finish:match body finish
Fingerboard material:macassar ebony
Number of frets:24
Fret size:Dunlop 6100
Fingerboard radius:20”
Fingerboard side inlays:plastic dots
Nut:GraphTech Black TUSQ
Hardware color:black
Bridge system:Hipshot Fixed 8-string
Tuning machines:Schaller M6 locking
Neck Pickup:EMG 808X
Bridge Pickup:EMG 808X
Control knobs:2 x volume
Pickup selector:3-way toggle-way toggle

More pictures inside!


13 Comments on “RAN Crusher 8”

  1. dominika says:

    ta pomazana sprayem podłoga pasuje ci do tła bloga :)

  2. mondomg says:

    To all the people searching for “RAN Crusher reviews/pictures/etc.” – there will be more info about it here soon. I’m recording a test of it as soon as new strings arrive. Also, I’ll write my own view on this instrument.

    Take care, folks and thanks for the visits!

  3. Erick says:

    Looking for this one, don’t know where i could buy it in occaz’ ? May be your is for sale ^^ ….
    Met’ Regards,

    • mondomg says:

      Hi Eric,

      Sadly, I’ve already sold mine to a guy in Switzerland and as far as I know he’s happy with it ;) You can always contact RAN, but honestly, after playing some of Skervesen Guitars I highly recommend getting in touch with them, instead. You can check my video of one of their eight-strings here http://youtu.be/o5SsCIH7Jks

      • Erick says:

        Thanks for your reply. The Skervesen Guitar’s looks great too, and nice playing on the video (got a 11R 2 ^^). But nohing is in GB on the site so … that chinese for me.
        But i really love the Ran’s shape, i’ll try to watch out on the site to find one in stock.
        Thx again.

  4. Shaun says:

    Good morning/afternoon/evening. I was hoping to figure out what brand guitar that is. It kind of looks like a hufschmid. But I completely uncertain. It’s beautiful. Does it play as beautiful?

  5. Raiden says:

    Hey , any chance you still have that sound sample of this guitar around ? i am curios about how that walnut body sounds on an 8 string. Would you recommend it over mahogany for deathcore/metal/djent/post-rock-metal ? going to use some aftermath pickups for it and im wondering if it will work well with walnut

    • mondomg says:

      Hey, I might have some on my old hard drive but I haven’t recorded anything more than some rough riff ideas. However, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any DIs and I had an Eleven Rack back then so the sound wasn’t that great. Let me know if you really want to hear it :)

      The walnut body is great and it will work, though mahogany with the Aftermaths is my personal favourite for that fast attack with the tone still full. Recently I’ve had a chance to play an NTB eight string with wenge/bubinga neck and walnut wings (Ever Forthright’s Billy’s Skervesen actually). For me it was a bit too djenty but the guys seem to love it!

      • Raiden says:

        yep , i do want to hear it :)
        Didn’t the ovangkol neck help tame the walnut and make it sound warmer ? or it didn’t help at all ?

  6. Raiden says:

    Btw , is the front of the headstock made out of walnut veneer ? or is it ovangkol ?

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