Skervesen H8 Chocolate

Skervesen H8 Chocolate

I know some of you like Polish guitar manufacturers like Mayones or RAN, so I thought I’d show you a younger company based in Gdańsk, founded by a former Mayones employee, Jarek Konkol aka Commelina :)


– mahogany neck
– ebony fingerboard
– mahogany Sapele one-piece body
– two DiMarzio D Activator pickups
– 27″ scale
– ABM bridge
– locked Schaller tuners
– volume pot with a push-pull option for coil splitting
– 3-way pickup switch
– ivory saddle

Quality of Build

I’m trying to find a dent or some other flaw in the finish or wood itself but I honestly can’t find any. The gloss is really nicely done, the neck is oil-finished and very pleasant to touch. In all fairness, it may be one of the most beautiful eight strings I’ve ever seen. The only thing I don’t like are the bushings from the bolt-on but Jarek told me the bigger ones were delayed and they were impatient to finish the guitar so they stuck to those smaller ones where you can see wood from underneath of it. It’s not a big issue but worth mentioning. In his other projects, the bushings match the holes. Anyway, the quality of the craftsmanship is top notch and this comes from a Music Man JP7 owner ;)

Comfort of Playing

For me, the ergonomy and comfort of playing is the most important aspect of any guitar, so I dedicate a separate paragraph for just that. A lot of people asked my how does this Skervesen compare to the RAN Crusher 8 I’ve previously owned ( and for me the Chocolate wins in terms of convenience of playing. First of all, the neck is thin and rounded, definitely better shaped for me as I don’t experience any wrist pain after playing even for four or five hours straight. The scale was never a problem for me and I think 27″ is the most universal choice anyway. Another thing is the mental comfort – the body is finished in high gloss, arguably less pleasant to touch but more stable and resistant. Apart from that? ABM bridge, locked Schallers – what’s not to love? One volume with a push-pull – simple and clear. Good jack output, straplocks and nothing to worry about. There is only one crucial question remaining…

But can it djent?!

As a happy BKP user, I was very surprised with the quality of the D Activators. Only until recently, they reminded me of thin-sounding Ibanez’s six and seven strings, but apparently the eight string version is somehow different. The guitar has a very powerful, compressed sound, with a lot of meat but at the same time with a very distinct attack. At first, it seems to be well suited for the heavier genres and styles of playing but after a while it proves to be quite flexible. The clean channel sounds very deep and piano-like and if you want to, you’d easily play jazz, blues or hard rock on it. It responds to articulation details extremely well, very much like the EMG 808 X pickups from Crusher. You can easily play anything from Tosin through Whitechapel to Obscure Sphinx ( I was very curious with how would it sound with BKPs but after playing it for a couple of days I cannot imagine the better sound than it already is :)


If someone told me to choose between the Chocolate and any other eight string, I’d send my cat after him. Skervesen is not only excellently crafted but also inspires me to play things I’ve never played before, which is a vital factor for me when choosing a new instrument. If you are looking for a custom-built guitar, feel free to contact Jarek while he’s still available and not charging a soul for his builds ;) (

I’d also like to thank Jarek and Skervesen Guitars for letting me review this remarkable guitar!

TL;DR? Feel free to just listen to a demo I’ve made with this guitar and tell me what you think :)

You can also find the full gallery of photos in high resolution here:


4 Comments on “Skervesen H8 Chocolate”

  1. Tim Birchard says:

    The guitar sounds great… Your playing is amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Baktoui says:

    I fell in love with this guitar. Even though I know that a dream has no price, could someone tell me what is the price range for this deity?

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