Mondomg – Telelogue (song teaser)

My next song is a bit late, just have to find time to enter the studio to record vocals. However, a lot of people asked me about the tone of gear used in it, so here is a rough mix of:

Skervesen Bronto 5 & Raptor 6 with Bare Knuckle Pickups 10th Anniversary


Musza – Space Whale (Remix)

My remixed version of my friend Musza’s song. Please, check out his video with his version where you can also see him play.

Edward Suchs – Untitled (design)


Every Gun Makes Its Own Tune – Please, Do Adjust Your Radio

The best review I got so far:




Every Gun Makes Its Own Tune – Song 2 (Blur cover)

download link:

Edward Suchs – Wuthering

Another old something. Next one is going to be a real bomb, I promise. Meanwhile, enjoy.

download link:

Every Gun Makes Its Own Tune – Unable

I did this on my mother’s crappy laptop, since my had been stolen few monts ago. This time no guitars, no sophisticated samplers or synthesizers – only stuff I’ve found in Ableton Live 8. Hope you like it.

download link: