Mondomg – Skervesen Raptor & Swan Generic Song Test

Courtesy of Skervesen Guitars:

Bass guitar recorded by Pajdof:

Recorded using Hesu Cables:

Both guitars fully equipped with Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig:

Recorded and modeled with Fractal Axe-FX II:

Behind the nut strings muting thanks to Gruv Gear FretWraps:

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Music Man JP7 & Skervesen JK BKP Aftermath Test

While I’m working on a new guitar test, here is a comparison of an Aftermath 7 pickups, between an upcoming Polish company and an already established American legend.


Skervesen JK

Skervesen JK


– sipo mahogany neck

– ebony fingerboard

– ash body

– american walnut / spalted maple top

– 25,4″ scale

– Original Floyd Rose 7 bridge

– Schaller M6 tuners

–  Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath & Irish Tour

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BlacKat Leon Limited 7 Prototype

BlacKat Leon Limited 7 Prototype


– quilted maple top
– meranti body
– mahogany neck
– ebony fingerboard
– 25,5″ scale
– Hipshot bridge
– DiMarzio Crunchlab & Liquifire
– GraphTech Ghost piezo & preamp
– Hipshot locking tuners
– GraphTech nut
– pots:
1. magnetic pickups volume
2. magnetic pickups tone
3. piezo volume with a push-pull for siwtching between two different EQ settings of the preamp Read the rest of this entry »

Musza – Space Whale (Remix)

My remixed version of my friend Musza’s song. Please, check out his video with his version where you can also see him play.

Bash Sidewinder Triple MK 5 – High Gain sample

Bash Sidewinder Triple MK 5

Bash Sidewinder Triple MK 5

Here is a high gain sample recorded with a brand new Sidewinder Triple MK 5 amp, straight from the Bash Manufacturing from Poland. The reason why it’s so short is that I haven’t slept well in past few days, I had to introduce this amp to some people and I just wanted to play a great amp, not record a hundred of samples. BUT I recorded a full-length song, with six tracks of electric guitar, will all possible channels. However, after a couple of hours of recording I realised I selected wrong input in my 11R, since I was recording from the LINE OUT of the amp. Then, Szymon (the manufacturer) came to take it from me because it’s the only prototype and he needed it for presentations. He told me just to record a short sample of the orange (LEFT) and red (RIGHT) channels. So here it is.




You may want to watch an official presentation (currently only in Polish) recorded by my friend, Piotr Wróblewski:


Digidesign Eleven Rack Samples – High Gain

I’ve recorded two samples of two high gain amps from the 11R for my friend. Unfortunately, I don’t play a lot of metal or lead guitar as you can probably already tell.

’89 SL-100 Drive

92 Treadplate Vintage

If you’d like to hear more Eleven Rack samples in a different genres just tell me and I’ll do my best to record it sometime this year ;)